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FAQFrequently asked questions

Where is Clera Vita’s cbd sourced from?

Clera Vita proudly sources all of our CBD in Colorado. The CBD is then Nano-emulsified and the final product is mixed and packaged in San Antonio, Texas.

Is there any THC in Clera Vita Products?

No, our products contain 0% THC and is lab tested to ensure this.

What is Water Soluble CBD?

In simple terms, nanotechnology uses soundwaves that breaks down CBD clusters into micro-sized particles. These particles are smaller than 100 nanometers.

Water soluble CBD ensures that your body is absorbing as much of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid as possible.

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How small exactly is a nanometer?

It’s one-billionth of a meter, which is one-millionth of a millimeter, which is just about the size of the diameter of the lead in a wooden pencil.

Broken down into these tiny particles, CBD becomes a product compatible with water as it’s now small enough to dissolve and blend seamlessly with the water molecules.

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What are the benefits of water soluble cbd?

CBD is what is known as a hydrophobic compound, meaning it does not mix well with water. It’s basic chemistry at its finest.

Oil and water don’t mix.

Compounds that do mix well with water are known as hydrophilic substances, something more and more CBD manufacturers are beginning to understand plays an important role when it comes to CBD absorption in the body.

Water soluble CBD is simply more efficient than other methods of delivery.

This efficiency not only means that more CBD enters the system, but also that it can be more affordable for the consumer overall.

If your body is absorbing more CBD, then you need to take less to reach the desired effects.

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How do the functional blends work?

Our functional blends include a proprietary blend of natural root extracts that give them the either Energy, Balance and Sleep effect. Ingredients can be found on the product pages. All ingredients are Vegan, and natural flavoring is used.



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